Gift Hampers – Adding a Theme

How to Add a Theme to a Gift Hamper

It’s not always easy to guarantee that a present will be appreciated by a loved one and this is one of the main reasons why so many gift buyers in Australia are turning to gift hampers. These unique presents aren’t your run of the mill goodie bags – they are a stylish alternative to traditional gifts. With such a broad range to choose from, not to mention being completely customisable, it’s no wonder why they have experienced a rapid increase in their popularity.

Different times of the year can stand to benefit from varying themes, so here’s a closer look at the best ways to add a unique theme to any hamper.

Christmas Hampers

The festive period can be great fun for all involved and being able to present a personalised gift to a loved one can work wonders for their holiday spirit. To make a hamper a little more Christmassy, simply add a few notable colours that match the season, such as red, green and white.

Easter Hampers

This time of year is most commonly associated with chocolate, so creating a hamper that features this tasty treat prominently can make all of the difference. Inside, consider adding a few of your recipient’s favourite treats inside, and opt for browns, blues and yellows for the outside.

Thanksgiving Hampers

Although not commonly celebrated in Australia, there are certain families that enjoy nothing more than carving a turkey at Thanksgiving and enjoying the build up to the festivities. For these types of baskets, opt to include savoury snacks like cheese boards and crackers, whilst going for greens and browns externally.

Birthday Hampers

This is where the true benefits of a hamper come into the fray – when using them as a customisable base that can be modified to suit any recipient’s preferences. Birthdays and special events are an ideal candidate for these types of hampers and as most online companies will allow their customers to personalise their purchases from the ground up, it’s easy to pick a colour scheme and theme before creating a uniquely compelling gift that will be remembered for years.